Student Short Film Screenings #1

Student Block 01
Wednesday, October 26th
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
1314 @ Jerry Flannery’s, 13-14 Cecil St, Limerick
Ticket Cost: €5.00

The Student Short Film Screenings #1 (Festival Block 1) will feature 12 Student films:

Reflection posterReflection
Directed by Megan Hughes
Runtime: 7 minutes, 37 seconds

Aine and her niece Roisin are on a charity shop shopping spree for the day, trying on everything and anything from the whackiest of dresses to the largest hats but soon we learn that under Aines’ bubbly personality, she is not as healthy as she seems.

The Commuterments posterThe Commuterments
Directed by: André Parra
Runtime: 2 minutes, 6 seconds

The Commuterments is a comedy animation that emulates commuter behavior inside a Dublin bus. The film is an observation of commuters using anthropomorphic characters.

A Long Conversation stillA Long Conversation…
Director Tom O’Hara
Runtime: 10 minutes

Tom is a student of film in TUS. He’s a member of Emerging Limerick Filmmakers 18-24 year old group (Gremlin) and this is his, and Gremlin’s, first film.

My Day posterMy Day
Directed by: Kateryna Paida
Runtime: 19 minutes, 50 seconds

Nastya dreaming about amazing prom and first sex with her classmate Max. But all dreams are crashing by herpes, stupid dog and her freaky mom as a hostess at a prom party.

Fleeting Sunshine posterFleeting Sunshine
Directed by: Andrew Kingston
Runtime: 7 minutes, 45 seconds

At a party when everybody has taken a memory loss pill, Amber and Mariella meet each other. They begin to form an intimate relationship and start to regret their decision.

Output 13 posterOutput 13: Man Living Up to Own Expectations
Directed by: Shane Vaughan & Joseph Hendal
Runtime: 10 minutes

Using AI Art, performance, and surrealism, Joseph Hendal and Shane Vaughan navigate what it is to be a man in the online world, and how we attempt to live up to the impossible standards of the machine.

They Killed Us for Existing stillThey Killed Us For Existing
Directed by: Meghan O’Shaughnessy
Runtime: 10 minutes, 5 seconds

No description available

Repeat posterRepeat
Directed by: Roisin Clothier
Runtime: 2 minutes, 8 seconds

Repeat is a cyclical film that visually explores the interconnected wildlife living within Ireland’s bogs, and the circle of life.

Jenseits Der Stille stillJenseits der Stille
Directed by: Zhanran Chen
Runtime: 11 minutes, 29 seconds

More than four million families in China are affected by children’s hearing issues. I hope I can help raise awareness about these cochlear babies, and help them walk out of the world of silence.

Push Over posterPush Over
Directed by: Niall McDonnell
Runtime: 12 minutes

Jack and Kate, a teenage couple, reunite after a problematic breakup. The conflict of their tumultuous past resurfaces and only worsens when Kate becomes pregnant.

High Society posterHigh Society
Directed by: Niamh Magee
Runtime: 12 minutes, 50 seconds

High Society is a Drama, coming of age film about Leah who overdoses on cocaine provided by Gary. The story deals with themes of revenge, immaturity, and love.

Riverman posterRiver Man
Directed by: Alanna MacNamee & Denise Wiedemann
Runtime: 10 minutes, 27 seconds

The story of Corky River, or how one man found salvation through cold water swimming.


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