Monologue Competition

RHIFF Fishpond competition

Fishpond logoThe Richard Harris Film Festival in partnership with Fishpond are proud to announce the annual Richard Harris Film Festival Monologue Competition.

Have you got a favourite scene from a movie or play? Maybe you’re a writer who wants to showcase your gift for dialogue as well as your acting prowess. If so, get out your camera, prep your lights and give us your best shot.

All entrants will be reviewed by an expert panel of judges and the winner will be screened at the Gala Awards Night that closes the festival. Competition rules and a handy guide to setting up and recording your monologue can be found below.

Submit via Fishpond here

  1. Pay your submission fee under ‘Fees.’ Note: your tape will not be considered until this fee is paid, as it’s necessary for the admin costs of the festival.
  2. Select a one-minute monologue to perform. You’re even welcome to write your own! Our only stipulation is that it be kept to around 60 seconds and is intended for screen.
  3. Submit your self tape below. This brief will close on the 17th of September and the top five will be contacted by the 7th of October.

This competition is open to ALL actors who would like to compete and tapes will be accepted until the 17th of September.

Finalists will all receive a free month on Fishpond and have their tapes screened at the festival as well as sent out to Fishpond’s database of over 1000 industry professionals here and in the UK.

The winner of the Monologue Competition will be granted a 6-month Fishpond bursary award and be invited to the awards show and the pre-show mixer, red carpet event. This is a great opportunity to network and be seen by top industry players.

All actors should submit one take of their scene. If more than one take is submitted, the most recent submission will be judged.

We wish you all the best with this! Reminder: this competition is open to ALL actors, not just Fishpond members. Feel free to share this link with friends.

Break a leg,
…..The RHIFF Team & Fishpond Team x

Submit via Fishpond here

RHIFF Fishpond competition