International Film Screenings #1

Block 5 images
Friday, October 28th
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Commercial, 46-47 Catherine St, Limerick
Ticket Cost: €8.00

The International Short Film Screenings #1 (Festival Block 5) will feature 6 films:

Circle posterCircle
Directed by Michael Madden
Runtime: 17 minutes, 32 seconds

Chris and Ben break down in the middle of nowhere. They have two options. Wait it out for another car to come by or hike through the desert.

Flat Earther posterFlat Earther
Directed by: Brian James Crewe
Runtime: 10 minutes, 20 seconds

Martin and Cassandra’s promising second date takes an unexpected turn when their conversation challenges personal beliefs and their assumptions about each other.

Painter posterPainter
Director Mohsen Afshar
Runtime: 15 minutes, 55 seconds

Three people are trapped in a broken elevator and are looking for a way out, unaware that they have reached their final destination.

Ellie posterEllie
Directed by: Fernando Bonelli
Runtime: 19 minutes

Sarah rushes inside the hospital where she works. She brings someone who’s been wounded. How far would you go for someone you care for?

American Hero posterAmerican Hero
Directed by: Manny McCord
Runtime: 14 minutes, 57 seconds

American Hero is a film about a female veteran contending with PTSD, an emotional trauma we typically associate with warfare.

Exchange posterExchange
Directed by: Barzan Rostami
Runtime: 23 minutes

The story is about people’s irresponsibility in some critical situations that compel them do anything unusual to save their lives…

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