Focus on Ukraine Film Screenings

Saturday, October 29th
4:45 pm – 5:30 pm
1314 @ Jerry Flannery’s, 13-14 Cecil St, Limerick
Ticket Cost: €8.00

The Focus on Ukraine Film Screenings (Festival Block 10) will feature 4 films:

My Day posterMy Day
Directed by Kateryna Paida
Runtime: 19 minutes, 50 seconds

Nastya dreaming about amazing prom and first sex with her classmate Max. But all dreams are crashing by herpes, stupid dog and her freaky mom as a hostess at a prom party.

The Creation of a Symbolic Painting posterThe Creation of a Symbolic Painting
Directed by Yevheniia Kolesnykova
Runtime: 9 minutes, 49 seconds

The film is about the process of the creation of paintings about the situation in Ukraine after 24th of February.

The Diaper Cake posterThe Diaper Cake
Directed by Anastasia Babenko
Runtime: 17 minutes, 44 seconds

After the celebratory night, an adolescent Vitya visits his wife Lena and their newborn son at the hospital in a small Ukrainian town.

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